System integration with Arcmedia E-Commerce Service Layer (ESL).

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The standard middleware for seamless and secure integration

The Arcmedia E-Commerce Service Layer (ESL) decouples systems and guarantees flexible and independent future planning. The ESL module, which we have integrated into our Arcmedia Omnichannel Suite, is the basis for the connection to other systems. The Arcmedia ESL is high-performance, designed for data exchange in the areas of ERP, PIM and CRM and guarantees a high security standard.

ESL structure.

  • Specific entities that support companies in their digital strategy.
  • Communication via established micro service APIs for maximum decoupling of systems.
  • Standardized connectors to the various backend systems.
  • Publication options for all information in various channels in a media-compatible manner.
ESL structure

System architecture by ESL.

The system architecture with ESL offers an increased guarantee for flexible future planning, independent of new systems or new partners.

  • Reduced implementation time (faster and cheaper).
  • Clear decoupling of the systems (scalability guaranteed).
  • Standardized approach for the connection to ERP, PIM and CRM systems.
  • Basis as connection to other systems (such as e-procurement for example).
ESL system architecture

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