AOS - The integrated product bundle for your omnichannel presence

AOS E-Commerce.
Arcmedia Omnichannel Suite (AOS)

Arcmedia Omnichannel Suite

The Arcmedia Omnichannel Suite (AOS) describes a product bundle that offers customers an all-round service for their digital presence or digital transformation. AOS combines the leading software solutions on the market for a holistic omnichannel experience.

The idea of AOS

By means of a standardised, fully integrated basic product, the time-to-market and the costs are reduced. Thanks to the modular design, additional functions can be easily integrated, making every basic product a tailor-made solution.

AOS Basic and functional modules

Blog: The bridge between omnichannel, tight budget and short time-to-market: AOS

Can standardisation bridge the gap between tight budgets, short time-to-market and the desire for omnichannel? In our blog (sadly only available in german) we talk about...

  • the three converging challenges: Omnichannel, tight budget and short time-to-market.
  • how AOS is structured.
  • how AOS addresses the challenges simultaneously.
  • what advantages AOS brings with it.
blog about standardization and AOS

What is AOS?

AOS is characterised by the following features:

  • A state-of-the-art solution for all digital needs for all omnichannel requirements: digital commerce, content marketing, product management, marketing automation and much more.
  • Integral and ready for a data-driven future: All data is exchanged efficiently, optimally and securely between the systems.
  • Modular and decoupled: New AOS components can be added easily. The scalability of the solution is ensured.
  • Open source: All systems are based on open source solutions, which have a leading position on the market.
AOS Mockup

How is AOS structured?

AOS is characterised by a modular structure. The modules must not be understood as individual silos, but are fully integrated with each other via ESL. The modules can be divided into the following four groups:

  • AOS Commerce
  • AOS Content
  • AOS Engage
  • AOS Product XP
AOS Logo

Modul I: AOS Commerce | Magento

The module "AOS Commerce" covers the area around your sales channels. For the construction of the online shop, we rely on Magento 2. Magento 2 is a well-known and proven open source solution. Already today, hundreds of thousands of transactions are carried out annually with our solutions. You can find more information about Magento on our Magento-Page.

AOS Magento 2

Modul II: AOS Content | Drupal

At AOS Content we handle everything around managing, customising, updating, deleting and uploading content. We rely on the world's leading open source CMS "Drupal" for this. Drupal is characterised by its enormous flexibility and strong stability. You can find more detailed information about Drupal either in our Blog or on our Drupal page Drupal-Page.

AOS Drupal

Modul III: AOS Engage | Mautic

Through AOS Engage we cover everything around marketing automation. We rely on the open source solution "Mautic". With Mautic, you can automate campaigns, send personalised offers to customers, manage your leads and much more. You can find more detailed information about Mautic here.

AOS Mautic

Modul IV: AOS Product XP | Akeneo

With AOS Experience, we ensure that your customers receive consistent and contextual product information. For AOS Experience, we rely on the open source solution Akeneo. Akeneo is a widely used and proven PIM on the market. You can find more information on our PIM - Page

AOS Logo

Advantages with AOS

  • A ready-made solution to get you started: Through standardisation, we achieve a short time-to-market with accurate cost forecasting.
  • Always up to date: AOS is being further developed and new functions added. As a customer, you automatically benefit from this.
  • Independent: Open Source means independence. You are not bound to Arcmedia AG.
  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreement: The systems are monitored, secured and updated. The data is securely hosted in Switzerland.
Advantages with AOS


Magento logo
E-Commerce powered by Magento
  • The leading open source digital commerce application
  • Gartner leader in the Magic Quadrant for digital commerce
  • 1000+ extensions available
    Drupal Logo
    CMS powered by Drupal
    • The leading open source content management system
    • Gartner leader in Magic Quadrant for web content management
    • Designed for content commerce
      Mautic Logo
      Marketing Automation powered by Mautic
      • Developed for lead generation and the intelligent use of customer data
      • Optimizes the sales cycle
      • Supports the automation of marketing processes
      • Strengthens customer loyalty
        Akeneo Logo
        PIM powered by Akeneo
        • Akeneo is the leading PIM system
        • Designed for product experience and developed for product managers
        • Single source of truth for all product information
          Arcmedia ESL Logo
          Integration powered by Arcmedia ESL
          • Standard middleware for seamless ERP, CRM and PIM integration
          • Accelerated integration projects
          • Expandable with various other systems
          • High performance and secure
            Prediggo Logo
            Artificial intelligence powered by Prediggo
            • Visual Marchandising
            • Advanced Search Engine & Smart Navigation
            • Advanced Personalization
            • PIM Optimizer
            • Central Manager

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