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Enhance your efficiency with Akeneo PIM

Akeneo PIM is the right answer to the challenge of providing consistent and contextual product information to your customers. Akeneo PIM, the world- leading product information management system, offers you an outstanding customer experience in collaboration with Arcmedia, the experienced Akeneo PIM agency in Lucerne. With Akeneo PIM you will increase your visibility, customer loyalty and business development. Learn more about the best-in-class technology solution and increase your product information management efficiency with Akeneo PIM. As an Akeneo Bronze Partner, Arcmedia is a practice-proven and long-established Akeneo PIM agency in Switzerland.

The benefits of Akeneo PIM for your business

  • Open-source technology (no dependencies)
  • Ultra-simple user interface with extended permissions
  • Networking of diverse data sources
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Quicker time to market thanks to optimised processes
  • Expanded sales channels, regions and languages
  • A central repository for all your product information
  • Easy to integrate into your CMS or e-commerce framework

A safe pair of hands for your Akeneo PIM project

As a long-standing Akeneo PIM partner, we will be there to help during every phase of your project. Akeneo PIM helps you gather, prepare, optimise and disseminate your product data so your customers always have access to the latest information, whatever the channel. Akeneo PIM is also integrated into our AOS digital experience platform

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Why we are the right choice

As a team of expert consultants, project managers and developers, we will be with you from the start of your PIM project until go-live and beyond. Talk to us about your ideas and we will show you with no obligation the possibilities that Akeneo PIM offers. Because we work closely with representatives of Akeneo PIM, you will always have access to the latest updates and information. We will be delighted to explore your individual requirements with you.

Companies who are already working successfully with us. Why not join them?

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We will help you with your PIM integration

Akeneo PIM creates a central source (a “single source of truth”) for all your product information, including technical product specifications, usage data and rich media. This will significantly enhance the quality and precision of your product data while simplifying and accelerating your omnichannel product catalogue management. We will take care of integrating Akeneo PIM into your existing system environment. 

Akeneo PIM is a worthwhile addition to your system 

Not only will Akeneo PIM help you simplify and optimise processes and data flows – adding Akeneo PIM to your platform makes financial sense too. As an Akeneo PIM agency with several years of experience in a wide range of industries (B2B and B2C), we know exactly what is required and can provide you with the best advice for your project.

  • Increase your conversion rate by up to 400%*
  • Reduce returns by 40%*
  • Quicker time to market (up to 400% quicker)*
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