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Reliable, seamless system integration with ESL

ESL is the component of our Arcmedia Omnichannel Suite that integrates decoupled systems. It is a middleware solution for seamless, reliable integration that will meet your needs both today and into the future. ESL enables fluent data exchange between systems and provides an impressively high standard of security. ESL Custom takes data in its original structure and transforms it into the structure required by the receiving system. This allows systems to communicate with each other seamlessly. 

The benefits of Arcmedia ESL for your business

  • High level of security
  • Data quality assured (delta scanning & error handling)
  • Compatibility between your different data
  • Technical expansion possible
  • Enables flexible planning for the future
  • Independent from new systems and platforms

A safe pair of hands for your system integration project

Arcmedia developed ESL to meet its customers’ growing needs. It comprises two parts: ESL Custom is the custom layer that makes data from different systems compatible with the ESL Core.  The systems communicate with one another via multiple APIs. This means that there is no need to make changes to your systems before integrating them. Arcmedia ESL has a proven track record and is already used by many of our clients (B2B and B2C). 

Grafik ESL Core
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Why we are the right choice

Our developers know Arcmedia ESL inside out. They also know that as the IT needs of companies become ever greater and more complex, the importance of system integration is also growing. So your system landscape is a particular priority for us. Having already integrated many diverse systems using Arcmedia ESL, we know exactly what to do.

Companies who are already working successfully with us. Why not join them?

We will support your omnichannel integration with ESL

As experts in omnichannel integration, we can help you unify your modular system environment. Extensive experience and a wide variety of previous successful projects allow us to understand your various requirements and ensure reliable data flow within your company, now and in the future. 

Arcmedia ESL is a worthwhile addition to your system 

As ESL experts, we will be happy to show you the possibilities and advantages that Arcmedia ESL offers: 

  • Enhanced productivity 
  • Improvements to the quality of products and services 
  • Lower running costs 
  • Reliable information flow 

Questions about Arcmedia ESL?
We will be happy to help.