Boost your online shop with Akeneo PIM

Akeneo PIM

Outstanding customer experience with Akeneo PIM

With the increasing number of touchpoints, the complexity of online business increases. If you want to achieve an outstanding customer experience, you need to ensure that your customers receive consistent, contextual product information. To make this possible we have integrated the Akeneo PIM as a module into our Arcmedia Omnichannel Suite. With the Akeneo PIM we can drive your online business forward.

PAM – Product Asset Management

Product Asset Management allows you to centrally manage all types of media (images, PDF, video, documents, etc.), to categorize, to tag  and to create collections. For each channel, automatic and different media transformations can be defined so that f.e. different image formats are played out for a print channel than for the online shop.



The simple workflow module allows you to review and confirm changes. This gives you better governance and control and more valuable product information.


Control module

With the control module you can expand and automate your enrichment processes. You can automatically classify products based on their attribute values, copy attribute values, set default values and assign new products to families.

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Extended assignment of rights

Customize your users, roles, and permissions precisely to your requirements so that an employee can access only the information and field values he or she is authorized to change. This creates a secure and controlled environment in which you can outsource parts of your product enhancement or translation processes.


Teamwork Assistant

You can create "maintenance projects" directly in the PIM so that all users know which steps and attributes are required and which products must be ready for export to the next campaign or production line. The teamwork assistant monitors the progress of completeness checks and notifies your team when new product proposals are received or localization is required.

Teamwork Assistant

Entities / reference data

You can manage centrally advanced information such as colors, ingredients, materials or care instructions and link them to the products that need these attributes. The result? You can save time and reduce complexity!


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