Usability Testing

Have your digital solution tested by real users.

What is usability testing?

During usability testing, users are observed while they carry out typical tasks. The aim is to identify both problems with usability and positive aspects of the digital solution. A usability test group comprises at least five participants. The exact number will depend on the composition of your target audience. 

The Arcmedia in-house test centre 

We carry out usability testing with real users at our in-house test centre. During the tests, we gather information about the user experience of test subjects as they interact with your digital solution. Whatever you want to look at – an existing system, a clickable prototype or an MVP before release – we can check the usability of your digital solution to help you achieve success. 

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Benefits of usability testing

When is usability testing useful?

Usability testing is usually carried out on a prototype or finished product (such as a website). So this UX method is normally used from the middle or towards the end of the development process. Usability tests can be formative or summative, and can also enable comparisons with different products or earlier versions (A/B testing). Usability testing is one of the most commonly used qualitative methods. The output of the analysis is a list of critical incidents (supported by screenshots and/or user comments as necessary and including specific recommendations). 

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Our seasoned user experience and UI design team have a thorough knowledge of the various usability testing methodologies and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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