Customer Journey Map

A way to understand and optimize customer experiences and interactions with your business.

What is a customer journey map?

A customer journey map is used to visualize the customer journey. The user's experiences and interactions with your company are represented as touchpoints. The customer journey includes different phases, such as the perception of your offer, the search for information, the purchase process, the use of your offer or service, and customer retention. The aim of the method is to understand, redesign and improve the user experience from a user perspective. The Customer Journey Map helps to increase customer satisfaction, based on the expectations, needs but also difficulties of your users. Thus, all your touchpoints can be considered and optimized. Overall, the Customer Journey is a valuable method to improve the user experience and increase customer loyalty.

How is a customer journey map created?

Benefits of the Customer Journey Map

When is a customer journey map useful?

With a customer journey, you can define challenges to your digital product and take targeted measures. This means that your product can be optimally aligned with the needs of your customers and you can increase customer loyalty. If the customer journey map is updated regularly, new needs and expectations of your customers can be identified at an early stage.

Drei Personen sitzen an einem Tisch
Drei Personen sitzen an einem Tisch

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